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Intelligence to protect your future

The biggest risk to a company's future is ignorance on disruptive business models. We deliver breaking news and insights on emerging technology through our intelligence platform.


Breaking News

Be the first to know of breaking competitor news from emerging threats.


Boardroom Ammo

Evidence based insights to wake-up slow adopters who are putting your organisation at risk.


Market Intel

Discover and track emerging technologies to adopt or acquire for revenue growth.

Data driven insights

Our platform gives you a birds eye view on emerging technology threats and opportunities gaining traction in your industry. Insights and growth metrics include;

  • Employee growth traction
  • Funding rounds
  • News mentions
  • Business models
  • Company overviews
  • Founder insights

New entrants are regularly added to your watchlist as our market scan technology identifies emerging players gaining traction.



What will your legacy be?

Whether you are looking at innovating new revenue streams or mitigating disruptive threats our intelligence platform informs influential stakeholders from product managers to CXO's on the latest technology threats, opportunities and trends.


Board Director

Stay informed on who is trying to disrupt your industry - they might also be an exciting future acquisition.



Looking for proven innovation to solve a problem? Before commissioning expensive management consultants we can scout the globe at a fraction of the price.


Product Manager

Discover which technologies are gaining traction in global markets that can be adopted nationally.


Find The Next Big Thing... Today

At a fraction of hiring a full-time analyst or engaging in management consultants, start tracking emerging technology players today.