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Orbital Insight has developed algorithms to count and measure cars, roads, airplanes, clouds, haze, freshwater lakes, agricultural fields, buildings, and oil tanks to provide a big-picture understanding of the world quantitatively grounded in observation.

Business Model

Enterprise model to process macro-data through artificial intelligence giving deep insights into areas including;

  • Traffic Patterns
  • Monitoring of Oil Reserves
  • Global Water Reserves
  • Poverty Mapping
  • Agriculture

Founders Update

“We take imagery from all satellite companies around the world, put it into one artificial intelligence based system and do a tremendous amount of data science on top of it to finally come out with an understanding of what’s going on in the world.”


Orbital Insight is currently used by 70 hedge funds and four government agencies


  • 2013 – Founded
  • Mar. 2016 – $8.7M Series A (Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures)
  • Jun. 2016 – 20.0M Series B (Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures)
  • Sept. 2016 – 42 Employees