Top 5 Emerging Insurtech Startups for January 2017

When we launched FilteredHQ, a platform to identify and track emerging tech startups it became obvious very quickly we needed to pick one vertical first before taking on the world. We chose Insurance. And it is absolutely fascinating.

Insurance is the biggest and most beautiful game of legalised gambling – a 4 Trillion Dollar global industry where the house nearly always wins. You would be hard pressed to design a better business model in a capitalist world.

One major iceberg on the horizon for insurance companies is there has been little to no innovation for over 100 years. Innovation is risky, insurance companies don’t do risky. However, new technology has the potential to reduce insurance premiums by up to 40%.

You see, the insurance industry is built on mistrust. Humans are ratbags. It is estimated up to 15% of claims are fraudulent. Fraud not only directly increases premiums it also creates a system where every claim must be scrutinised, further adding to overheads and making insurance extremely and unnecessarily expensive.

What if you could remove fraud? And therefore a claims department? What if you could replace insurance workers by chatbots and AI? Then, what if you could create a system where customers are incentivised to sign up friends and family removing the need for a marketing department?


We have been tracking a number of startups playing around with different business models and technology to create disruptive insurance products.

Here are 5 early stage “insurtech” startups that have grown their team by over 20% in the last month.

“Enter in the registration plate, choose insurable time, snap a photo of vehicle, pay, and you’re covered. Cuvva is an on-demand short interval mobile insurance app to cover when using multiple vehicles or lending out your own vehicle. Cuvva also has an inbuilt monetisable feature where you can rent out your vehicle or borrow someone else’s.” Learn more here –

“RingMD is a healthcare network designed to connect patients with the very best doctors around the world and across borders. Through the use of cutting­-edge technology in a simple-to-use app, RingMD provide our patients with instant access to a global community of the world’s leading physicians.” Learn more here –

“Slice Labs is re-imagining insurance through design, technology and data. Slice Labs takes into account that you’re a person and a business, and allows users to pay for coverage when they are participating in the on-demand world. It turns on and off when you need it. Slice also eliminates the tedious long application with questions that you can’t answer.” Learn more here –

“WorldCover is a transparent and low cost peer-to-peer risk relief network. WorldCover help customers reduce exposure to natural disasters and give investors diversified returns with social impact.” Learn more here –

“Apvera leverages adaptive analytics to understand user behaviour and the interactions they have between applications they use and the company’s network.

Adaptive Insight adapts to changes within the network and learns normal user behaviours based on company employee activities and is able to detect anomalies that are not inline with regular usage patterns; protecting the company from known and unknown threats.” Learn more here –

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We help insurance companies identify and track exciting emerging startups and business models. Furthermore, through our partnership with Sanctuary Digital we can co-create new digitally focused insurance products too.

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